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Who's In The Forest Strolling? The Birds and The Bee's Sing "Juui-chan"!
I Have No Fears, Angels Follow Me Wherever I May Go
Burning Desire 
1st-Aug-2006 06:36 pm - Yeah, I'm Loved!!
YEAH! Kris cancelled rehearsal tonight! I get the night off to relax which I REALLY Fucking need cause I'm so fucking tired. I kept doozing off at work today and I just was not physically or mentally prepared for tonight. I guess he had auditions for Music Man and someother rehearsal going on or something. Plus I don't have one tomorrow so extra rest! That and I need to go shopping so I can get that done since my cousin is getting Married this weekend and I'm no where near ready for it. That and I need a new sweater since poor Edward is at work all the time and his zipper is broken. And I should start staking up for my trip since next paycheck is for Lydia's Birthday and whatever is left is going to my trip! Which snaps for me, I ordered my tickets last night and the price was down again!!

Man, I can't believe its August already. This month is going to suck, I have so much going on. Its my Birthday, its Lydia's Birthday, I have my cousin's wedding, rehearsals for 2 shows, a show and my trip.Plus the usual work and any kind of social life I try to keep. I keep a small planner with me to keep track and there is something going on everyday. . Gooo

At least I don't feel as bad about last night anymore. I love Maddy. If we hadn't talked tonight I probably would have still been a wreck. And I didn't have to deal with it tonight anyway so I'm feeling better about it. Tonight will probably just be dvds and early bed time and relaxing. No drawing or writing tonight, even though my muses are screaming at me.

Sorry guys, sleep calls for the Juui-chan!!
27th-Jul-2006 09:05 pm - So close and yet so far away!!
Got this off of DearJoaquin.com:

According to FOXNews.com, Reservation Road is set to start shooting on Oct. 1 in Connecticut. Joaquin and Mark Ruffalo are set to play the male leads. Jennifer Connelly is on board as Joaquin’s wife. Joaquin is probably going to play Ethan, the father who loses his son.

*does the Juui-chan happy dance*


Also just had the nicest talk with Aj! It was really cool to actually talk to her over the phone and not IMing or with a voice post. I love her voice, I love her accent and I love it more when she swears. I love you Aj!!

Kiki, I hope your doing better! If you want to talk give a ring!! Lydia, hope your day wasn't too bad either even though you had to go in on your day off. If you want we can go see POTC next day off you have my treat! Maddy, call Chelsea!! I wanna go out Saturday and have a girl day! And get you to finally see Walk the Line like I've been bitching about since the movie came out. . . .

Ok, I think I've said my piece. I need to watch Clerks I had a dream about them last night and had a Clerks moments at work today. Oddly enough Joaquin was in the dream too!! I am a really happy Juui-chan tonight, maybe I'll have another good dream. Me being happy though can only mean that something bad is going to happen cause I can't have good luck for too long. Its just the way of the Juui-chan unfortunatly. I probably still won't be able to hear which I've kinda given up on at this point. When I get my bad ear infection then I'll care again.

26th-Jul-2006 10:54 pm - Ques Que Se?
Oh yeah, did I mention I still can't fucking hear?
26th-Jul-2006 10:46 pm - Affleck You Da BOMB in Phantoms!!
They knocked out a wall right behind me today and instead of repairing it they left a large piece of wood covered in wrapp held together by Ducktape. If that is real quality craftsmenship I just don't know what is. . .

Rehearsal was boring. Thank god I brought my sketchbook otherwise I would have lost my mind. Kris liked my improve then yelled at me cause I didn't pantimime enough. Its the same fucking thing. Everyone still doesn't know their lines and I have to resort to writing hints on my hands to remember but I got most of it which is more then I can say for everyone else. Then again, they have bigger parts then me. At least I didn't fuck up on the name this time. No rehearsal tomorrow, yah!

Got home and found a package that I ordered came in. My mom got all mad cause I woke her up when I screamed "SNOOCHIE BOOCHIES LITTLE NOOCHIES!!!" I ordered something off of Kevin Smiths site viewaskew.com and it came in. This is what I got:

Snooch to the Motherfucking Nooch!!Collapse )

Its sad but, I'm happy. And now, I go to bed because I may be happy, but I'm fucking exhausted!

P.S. She still looks like a dude in a skirt no matter how you look at her. . .
25th-Jul-2006 10:14 pm - Is it Muyra or Myra?
AHHH I need to go to bed!!

I had so much trouble falling asleep Monday night. I don't know why either I was really tired!! As always worked sucked ass but if you read my journal enough you kinda get that idea. Only thing this time was that I ended up staying an extra half hour later cause our fucking scanner is a piece of shit! I was so pissed off, half hour later means I don't leave till 8pm. I got home and ended up drawing till god knows how late. I hate that, I'm tired as fuck and I get the insperation to draw till the wee hours of the morning when I should be sleeping.

Today was about the same. Found out thier going to be knocking down that stupid wall tomorrow. Wiether or not they'll be done by the time we get there. . wait. .what am I talking about of course it won't be done. Joann said we can move if its bothersome and I told her I would rather not come it. She didn't like that.

I get home and as I'm about to pull out the keys to unlock the door I get a call from the Cabaret and its Matt saying that Kris wants me to come to rehearsal in an hour. I'm not schedualed to come until next week. I eat something real quick, change and then find out that The Village is on and I don't want to go!! Joaquin!!! I do though and they are running the whole show with thier skripts when I thought they weren't supposed to be so I wasn't worried that I hadn't even looked at my lines. Kris started talking to be about Tattoos and about the new one he's going to get. When I told him I was thinking of getting on his face lit up and he was totally all about me getting one. But it had to be something I drew otherwise it wasn't any good. Then he and I started laughing about Joann and Tom's Dog Lucky Leo chilling on the couch with Joann and Kris was like "Check out their dog. He's going to be in the show!" We were laughing about that more then the show.

It was an OK rehearsal. I messed up my lines even though I had the skript in front of me. I got flustered I guess. Then Kris told me I was going to be another character who has to scream somthing off stage and I ended up saying the name wrong. 3 times. When it was over he tells everyone that not only is he running the whole show again tomorrow but the second act twice as well which means that I have to be there. I'm about to freak out and tell him that when he (oddly timing might I add) tells me that I can come in later since I'm not in the show till the middle of the second act anyway. So I was happy about that. Maybe I'll stop at Subway or something and grab something to eat since I can't go home for dinner.

Man, I should go to bed but I want to draw. I'm terribly exhausted but I look at my sketchbooks and all the pens and pencils and I can't help it. Maybe I'll bring them to rehearsal tomorrow to work on too. I have so much I have to work on thats not just for me too. Yah, I'll bring it with me, I'm going to bed.

Night ya'll!
20th-Jul-2006 09:47 am - Voice Post
833K 4:05
(no transcription available)
18th-Jul-2006 05:46 pm - Voice Post
3032K 15:20
(no transcription available)
16th-Jul-2006 02:49 pm - Fuck Wonderboy! You got Willy Wonka!!

*doing the happy dance! doing the happy dance!*

So last night was a good night. While driving my Empathy kicked in and I just couldn't stop smiling. At least I think thats what it was. I just had this good feeling about my future, wither it had to do with the play or night.

I found the school OK and made it in a nice timely matter. The show was really good and Maddy was fantastic! Totally not like her at all. I wanted to scream something for her at the curtain calls but decided against it at the last second cause there were old people infront of me and I don't think they would have appreciated it much.

Now I was talking to Maddy the other night about Willy Wonka and I told her that I had the outfit and how much I totally love wearing it and look for any opertunity I can to wear it. So she dared me to wear it to her show. And I did! Hat, Jacket, goggles, shoes, pocket watch thing. I would have worn the gloves but I could only find one. She could not stop laughing, it was too precious. All the people that were still hanging around loved it too. If they had cameras they probably would have taken pictures of me.

Afterwards Maddy and I drove around looking for somewhere to eat and we would have gone to Chuck-E-Cheese but they were closing in 10 minutes by the time we got there. So we went to TGIFridays instead. We had a nice time (as always) and I realized I still had my jacket on! Tee hee. Afterwards we drove up to her house and I grabbed my Batman movies and we played with her Kitty Bailey. Sweetest kitty I ever met! Got home and crashed, again.

I woke up around 11:30 and my mom and I went out to do some shopping. We went to this new store to look for dresses and everything was so butt-fucking ugly! We went to Target and Kohls and even though we didn't get even half the things we were looking for we had fun. I was mad tired though so we ended up cutting our shopping short. We stopped at Paneras for lunch too which was delisous! She bought me the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil which I oddly have never seen. She insisted I have it in my collection. Its got Kevin Spacey and John Cusack and its pretty good so far. And its got a mad young Jude Law in it!

Don't really have much planned for the rest of the day. Like I said I'm tired so I probably wont be doing much. I'm going to go to work early tomorrow since I have my first rehearsal for Rumours so I'll probably go to bed early. Was thinking of doing some reading or drawing but now that I'm looking at my sketchbook I may just do it another day . .
"In 1933 a girl died. A man buiried her alive.As he buried her he chanted "Toma Sota Balcu". Now that u have read the chant, u will meet the girl.In the middle of the night she will appear on your ceiling. If u do not repost this,she will suffocate u like she was suffocated. However if u do repost, she will not bother 2 show up.your kindness wil be rewarded."

Dude, I don't want to die without seeing Clerks 2 or POTC3!!!

So went to the Cabaret last night to see the new Show and it was fabulous!! Well, I was drinking so it was extra good!! All the guys did great and the audience totally loved them. They were even singing along with them! Poor Matt was sweating like crazy. He was embarresed when he mentioned it to me but I told him I loved every dribble. Reminded me of when we did Promises. And of course the Boy Wonder was fabulous with his eyebrows and everything!! After the show and notes we went out to TGIFRidays. I origanally wasn't going to go but I just can't say no when Matts like "NO YOU ARE GOING!!"*sigh* why I can't say no to him is totally beyond me. It was me, Brett, Lisa, Lenny, Matt, Kris, Justin and Barbara at the resturant and we had a ball. Brett and I shared pot stickers and french fries and had a nice talk. Apparently he's jewish and a big movie buff too. Nice guy. Got home around 12:45 and just crashed.

Didn't wake up today till 1pm. I walked around the house and couldn't find anybody till I looked outside and found my mom and dad in the pool. Didn't even know he had "opened" it. So I shrugged, threw on a bathing suite (which is too small cause of my huge boobs) and went out to join them. I can't even remember the last time I was in the pool so it was nice reminising. That and the water was really nice. Problem is that everytime I went underwater I got water in my ear and even now I can't get it out. Had a nice talk with the rents which I guess I need to have everynow and then. Then I was sweeping the pool for bugs when this huge green one that I thought was dead landed on my hand and began to move.

I. Freaked. Out.

Dropped the sweeper. Threw my hand in the pool to drown it. Ran for the Ladder. I hate bugs!! All my dad could say when he went to get it out after laughing his ass off was "Geez Jo, you scared it!!" I wanted to drown him.

Just kinda chilling now munching on Cheez Doodles since I haven't eaten today letting time go by. Once again, have stuff I have to take care of but procrastination strikes again. . Whats worse is my phones been dead since Tuesday so I decided to charge it and I found that not only did Maddy call but Chelsea called too! I haven't talked to her since May!! She called on Thursday and I totally could have gone to see her too! *weeps* I'll give her a call later and see how she is. Everyone keeps asking me about her and I never know what to say! Miss the girl alot!

Got Maddy's play tonight! Totally exited to go see it! Worried I'm going to get lost though cause I've never really driven to New Haven. And I hate driving long distance by myself, but if its for my favorite little whore, I'll do it! That and her boyfriend The Boy Wonder would kick my ass if he found out I didn't go!! Tee hee. He was telling me last night he has a "Bird-a-rang".
13th-Jul-2006 10:12 pm - I Will SURVEEEVE!!
The fastest review of my day ever:

I got the OK from my boss to take the last week in August off to go to Florida to see my brother and then to celebrate I talked the rest of the day in my Tony Clifton voice. All who heard me was amused at first and then became irritated.

If you don't know who Tony Clifton is, go buy Man on the Moon staring the fabulous Jim Carrey.

Sadly that really is all thats going on. Are you a bored as me? OH! I've been drawing all week, snaps for me!. . OK, thats really it now. .
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