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I Have No Fears, Angels Follow Me Wherever I May Go
8th-Aug-2006 11:43 pm
OOOHHH! I forgot to mention!!

I was told by Ben that Tom Cruise was getting Fired by one of the big Movie Company's because of how bad his ratings are!! I. Fucking. Died. Best Birthday News ever! I went to IMDB.com to see if it was true and this was all I could find:

Cruise Getting Pay Cut at Paramount?

Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise has reportedly been given a pay cut in his production deal with Paramount Pictures. The actor and his business partner Paula Wagner's previous deal allowed them a budget of up to $10 million a year to cover overheads and develop films through their company Cruise/Wagner Productions. According to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, new Paramount head Brad Grey - who took over last year - told Cruise's company the studio was not in a position to renew the same contract after it expired last month. Paramount funded Cruise's latest movie Mission: Impossible III, which is expected to take up to $400 million in the international box office, but due to Cruise's expected profit margin, the studios will only just break even. The actor's lawyer Bertram Fields says, "We received an offer and we are digesting it. We will sit and talk about it. It is not the case that they said this is a take-it-or-leave-it offer. I don't think my friends at Paramount would ever talk that way." Paramount spokeswoman Janet Hill says, "We have the utmost respect for Tom Cruise and Cruise/Wagner Productions. We are currently in discussions to renew their deal." The Times claims Paramount have offered Cruise $2 million a year in a prospective new deal, which means the actor will have to pay his staff himself.

It pretty much means that no matter how much the movie makes, Tom is getting the biggest cut of the money. Even if it fails misserably like MI3 did, he gets the most money out of the deal. But because he's a dushebag that no one wants to represent they don't want him to get away with that much money. Especually since they won't be able to make up that money for filming it.

Revenge is so sweet to those who wait for it!!
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