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Who's In The Forest Strolling? The Birds and The Bee's Sing "Juui-chan"!
I Have No Fears, Angels Follow Me Wherever I May Go
Burning Desire 
11th-Aug-2006 11:20 pm - I've gone Friends only. . sorry!!
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This desision is because I am tired of the fear that there is someone somewhere out there that is reading my journal entries that should NOT be reading my entries. This journal is a reflection of my life, my opinions and all that is me and I don't want stone cold hearted, backstabbing, lying, cheating, hypicritical, pussy-whipped people who have no reason to continue to poke their noses into my life reading it.
10th-Aug-2006 09:49 pm - Juke Box BLues Juui-chan Style
Well, I said I would sing a song for you and I wasn't kidding! I swear I sound better when I sing then what it sounds like on the phone!! Ye have been warned!!

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Its 12:30 and I should be in bed but because I'm looking for just the right header for my lj cause Lauren and I are re-doing it, . . . I'm not! Instead I found this and it was so cute and so nice to watch I thought I would post it for you all to enjoy. June certanitly has a lot of spunk to her hu?


And because this song should have been in the soundtrack!!

OOOHHH! I forgot to mention!!

I was told by Ben that Tom Cruise was getting Fired by one of the big Movie Company's because of how bad his ratings are!! I. Fucking. Died. Best Birthday News ever! I went to IMDB.com to see if it was true and this was all I could find:

Cruise Getting Pay Cut at Paramount?

Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise has reportedly been given a pay cut in his production deal with Paramount Pictures. The actor and his business partner Paula Wagner's previous deal allowed them a budget of up to $10 million a year to cover overheads and develop films through their company Cruise/Wagner Productions. According to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, new Paramount head Brad Grey - who took over last year - told Cruise's company the studio was not in a position to renew the same contract after it expired last month. Paramount funded Cruise's latest movie Mission: Impossible III, which is expected to take up to $400 million in the international box office, but due to Cruise's expected profit margin, the studios will only just break even. The actor's lawyer Bertram Fields says, "We received an offer and we are digesting it. We will sit and talk about it. It is not the case that they said this is a take-it-or-leave-it offer. I don't think my friends at Paramount would ever talk that way." Paramount spokeswoman Janet Hill says, "We have the utmost respect for Tom Cruise and Cruise/Wagner Productions. We are currently in discussions to renew their deal." The Times claims Paramount have offered Cruise $2 million a year in a prospective new deal, which means the actor will have to pay his staff himself.

It pretty much means that no matter how much the movie makes, Tom is getting the biggest cut of the money. Even if it fails misserably like MI3 did, he gets the most money out of the deal. But because he's a dushebag that no one wants to represent they don't want him to get away with that much money. Especually since they won't be able to make up that money for filming it.

Revenge is so sweet to those who wait for it!!
8th-Aug-2006 10:48 pm - Happy Birthday Juui-chan!!
*weeps* First of all, I really want to thank all my LJ buddies for all the Birthday Wishes, the LJ liquor from Kiki was especually amusing ^-^. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, I really can't thank you all and really express to you how much I love you all and am so blessed to have you all in my life.

I was supposed to wake up early but decided to sleep in a little bit cause fuck it, I want me some kind of sleep!! I took a nice hot long shower and decided to actually dress up a little bit. For those that know me, I don't dress up except for Family shit and even then its very minamum. But I went all out: nice shirt, skirt, contacts, heels, jewlery, the whole thing. Got the usual funny version of the "Happy Birthday" song from my dad. He's done it every year and as dumb as it is, I love it. Went to Dunkin Donuts for my smoothie cause those things are my second crack! It made me late for work but no one seemed to care. Especually sice I walked in wearing this:

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Sorry, no pic of me wearing that hat, that pic didn't come out so hot! So that was a good start. I walked to my desk and there was this big balloon attached to my chair!

Birthday BalloonCollapse )

There were cards and Wonka Bars on my desk too. And Carol made me a big batch of her special cookies for me!! We didn't sing which was probably for the best but we had a good time. I totally blew my diet today too from all the sugar and bad stuff. Oh well!! My stupid fucking Boss walked by and didn't even say anything to me!! What a bitch!!

Got the usual 4:34 call from my mom as I was going home, (well, I heard it on my voice mail) and got Lydia's voice message too! I was in fucking hysterics! My good friends Anne, Allie and Jess called too! *hugs* All three of them are from High School so it rocks that they still care enough to call. Went home to change for rehearsal and my mom bought me Panera's for dinner!

Went to rehearsal and it was alot of fun. Got to see Mellissa who I haven't seen in a while, and SAL!! I was so glad to see him since he's been really sick, he's feeling better now though so thats good. Matt gave me the biggest hug and kiss and told me happy birthday. Then he grabbed my ass. . . The Pagent boys were there and they sang their songs which I was LMAO! And the Plaid Boys did a few numbers too and we were all having so much fun. Got to see Lucien and his husband (lots of hugs and kisses from them!) Then during intermission I saw Justin and he came up to me and with a gave me a happy birthday and big hug and kiss! I never know how Justin is going to react to me for some reason so I was surprised when he was so happy to see me. Then I got him to give me the greatest gift ever.

As some of you may or may not know: Justin works at Six Flags Amusment Park and he plays Robin. It drives me crazy with how fucking funny that is. So a few nights ago I started drawing a Robin (Teen Titans style) drawing of him and I happen to finish it over the weekend and it came out REALLY good. So I asked him (adding that if it got him mad or it would get him in trouble with the park he didn't have too) if he could sign the drawing for me. He was in Hysterics. He fucking loved it. And I loved him for doing it. So he signed it for me:


God that drawing is so good! Kinda think it looks better now with his signature now too! Also during the break, while I was hugging Matt he yelled out "OH YEAH! BEFORE ANYONE GOES WE NEED TO SING HAPPY BIRTHDYA TO JUUI-CHAN!!" So the entire Cabaret sang me Happy Birthday and I got more hugs and Kisses and I was really on the verge of tears. I even told that to Matt and Madalyn and Jeanie. Kris asked me to stay after our break too cause he wanted me to do more stuff in that Galla so I was really honored by that. Its nothing spectacular just more songs, but that means that I'm automatically in the show and I may get a part or something. Afterwards we had a cake that Madalyn made for me (yes it says my real name. . ):

Maddy's CakeCollapse )

Apparently, she made it while she was doped up on cough medicine and in her underwear. So we called it the "Drunken Porn Cake". It was REALLY good!! I cut it and served it and made a big mess on Kirs's table cloth. . . .Maddy was so upset though saying "I didn't forget about you, I have a birthday present for you! I was making it and my sewing machine broke and now I have to wait till I can go to my moms to finish it! But you will get it! I didn't forget about you!!" I laughed and gave her a hug. She's so cute.

All and all, I'm really satisfied with my Birthday. I may have said earlier that I didn't know what I wanted but somehow I think I did kinda know. Of course theres the whole "I want dvds and material possesions" (my chinese sign is a boar, sue me) but as far as like what I wanted in life or whatever, I try to do and kinda have an idea what I want. Last year I wanted to Kiss a Hot boy (don't ask just thank Wonderboy) which I did and was happy about. This year, I think I just wanted people to care about me enough to say "Happy Birthday" and actually mean it. I just wanted to be with People who loved me. I didn't get that last year. My parents were doing whatever they do with my brother, Lydia was in another country, work was on hyatus, The Hellbeast made plans, Pussyboy forgot and I didn't really know anyone at the Cabaret yet to really be friends with them. I got my normal call from my High School friends (I know, I suck cause I'm buisy and am terrible at calling people back I know but I do love you guys!!) and if it weren't for Chelsea I may not even be here. Now, I have so many people who love me, at home, on line, at work, at the Cabaret that I am so over come with love I don't know what to do with it now.

Thank you all so much. Even though its after 12 where I am and that means my birthday is over, I can't thank you all enough for making it really specual for me. I was going to pop in Pirates for a little bit but its late and I'm exhausted so thanks again everyone.

Nighty Night!!
6th-Aug-2006 07:25 pm - I'm undesisive. . . .
Well, I'm definatly much calmer then yesterday. Still BITTER, . . .but calmer. Spent the day in my Willy Wonka jacket (and ONLY in the jacket *wink wink*). It was either the jacket or I get dressed and I was just too damn lazy for that. And I LOVE this jacket!! *snuggles*

My parents told me we could do anything I wanted to do today since I wasn't going to be around for my Real Birthday so they made today out like it was my birthday. I wanted to go to the theature and see Clerks 2 with my dad but they only had like 3 showings all in the afternoon and that was too late for my dad (he works 3rd shift so he takes naps in the afternoon). I couldn't think of anything to do so we stayed home.

I felt so dumb, its my birthday and I couldn't think of anything I wanted!! I don't know what I want. . . . . . . . . .

We ended up ordering Chinese and Dairy Queen for desert and my mom and I watched Howls Moving Castle. Well, I watched it my mom fell asleep. *shrugs* Just kinda waiting for Flavour of Love 2 to come on, not really much more to the day.

Oh, I activated my new credit card. I hate calling people and whats worse is I always get the people who can't speak english so I could barley understand them. And of course I got a woman who I couldn't understand. My mom kept yelling at me too not to allow them to do anything with my account and everytime I said ok she yelled at me more. And then I couldn't hear the woman cause either she was yelling at me or I was yelling at her to shut up. I got off the phone and told her that I was just saying ok to the benifits of the card not to anything she was offering. .Gahhhh

I don't want to go to work tomorrow, I don't want to go to rehearsal either! I want another day to rest, I feel like I got robbed a day off with the fucking wedding. I want me more sleep!! I am not ready to deal with this week either, work, rehearsal everyday, birthday, one day to rest. . .not really ready for it.
5th-Aug-2006 04:11 pm - I Hate Weddings
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4th-Aug-2006 08:15 pm - Juui-chan Is A Happy Pirate
YEAH!! I got Aj's package!! *does the Juui-chan/Snoopy dance and then proceeds to HUMP Aj* And she gave me the nicest card and CD. I love it!! The first song is the Jackass theme song and I proceed to LMAO! She knows me too well, I love her and the songs are totally going on my IPod as soon as possible. Kinda made me think of Elizabethtown when Kirsten Dunst gives Orli the CD for his road trip with all the songs that definer her. This CD is definatly the case. Especually the Johnny Cash thrown in there. . .And my parents liked watching Pirates too, even they thought it was good quality. Of course I had to pry it away from my mom cause she wanted to watch it. Now I can be sane for the weekend. I almost started to cry I was so happy, thinking I had people who cared about me.

Unlike last year for my birthday which was a fucking mess and made me feel like no one cared about me at all, except for Lydia and she was half way across the world! And Chelsea who totally saved me from slitting my wrists cause she called me out of no where and we had only known each other a few weeks and was like "Hey, its your Birthday today right? Wanna go out to dinner?!" But this year is shaping up to be much better cause I know that there are alot of people now that care about me. Its a nice feeling for me to have.

Plus she sent me the first draft of the prologe to the story that she and I were talking about one night. We were kinda bitter about a certain BOBBLEHEAD who shall remain annonamous and we just started talking about this idea for a story and we really got into it. I even started drawing some sketches for it. I really liked it, again started giggling like a child after just the first paragraph. . .

I also got my first credit card today and I'm excited and nervous about it. Excited cause it means I'm an adult now but nervous cause I don't want to fuck it up and be in majour credit debt. Then again, I think thats everyones fear when they get a credit card. . It doesn't say my middle name either which oddly makes me feel better. I hate using my middle name, I don't mind it I just don't like using it for some reason. But if it doesn't show up on the paper I have to sign I don't use it. It deffinatly pretty looking, its got a pretty sun and moon on it. Definatly a "Juui-chan" card.

So today was the last day that Lisa is going to be working nightshift with us and I'm OFFICUALLY in charge. Goo. She was nice enough to buy Pizza for us and mozzerella sticks. We had a good time. I'll miss her being with me at night, and everyone who came in to congratulate her was like "You are going to be so sorry you took the day shift!!" Plus we had more construction going on. I thought that was fucking DONE!!

Went to Target afterwards to pick up some heels for my cousin's wedding which I found out is actually TOMORROW and not Sunday. Which sucks cause I wanted to SLEEP and now I can't. So instead I guess I'll just get drunk at the reseption. That will teach her to ruin my sleep! I really needed tomorrow to prepaire my mind and emotions for this cause I know its not going to be any fun and I'm going to end up miserable. Now watch I'll come home tomorrow being like "Actually I had a good time. That will show me!!" I will definatly be taking pictures at least of me and my little black dress since everyone at works wants to see it and they can't imagine me being in one. . .I don't wear skirts or dress's. Ever.

So there go my plans for going to the Pharmacy and bitching them out and all the cleaning I need to do. Maybe I can do it Sunday instead? Although, I think my parents were talking about taking me out for a Birthday thing since I won't actually be around for my Birthday and Sunday is the only day thats relativly close that we can get together. I don't mind I guess. It is kinda tradition to go out to our favorite resturant and get presents and just have a good time. Also found some really funny Pirate stickers at Target, they actually made me lol in the store so I figured I had to buy them. That and they were like $2. I'll try to take a picture of them if I remember.

Other then that, I don't think there is anything else. I want to draw and do some writing. Had an awesome dream last night and have been thinking about it all day so I definatly want to write it out before I totally forget everything. I'll never post it unfortunatly cause Oh, and is it just me or is everyone I know getting new Layouts?!? Lauren has one, Aj has one, Kiki is getting one. . I want one now too! What can I say, when my friends are doing it, I want to do it too. . .Then again, I love my Walk the Line layout and it took me forever to find it. *shrugs*

*chuckles* Every time one of my parents walks by I see Jubei walking behind them. Its cute the way she follows us around. Just looking up in time to see one of my Rents and then a second later theres this cute little white kitty following behind them like a puppy.
3rd-Aug-2006 11:05 pm - I Would Rather Rant on the Phone. .
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Dude, I can't believe I just ranted for like, half an hour. If you actually listen to the whole thing, I'll give you a cookie cause your the best ever! Hope I didn't miss anything. . . that will probably be another rant tomorrow. I love voice posting. .
1st-Aug-2006 09:12 pm - Hurts My Head it Does. . . . .

Some one went into my drug store and used my name to get my medication so now I'm down a perscription and they only put 5 pills for me in the bottle. They said I was there last Friday and I wasn't! WTF?!?! I need my headache medication! I HAVE A FUCKING HEADACHE!! Now I have to go down there and argue with them, but I don't know when I'm going to be able to or how long I can last without my drugs!!
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